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おうちCafé(in Japanese)


Urban Legions ™ - Created by interNEKO Ltd. Co. and Pegamoose Games. Journey to the city of Macropolis, where you are an up and coming super hero in this interactive story role playing game. Filled with intricate puzzles and an ever evolving story that reacts and forms to how you play.
interNEKO® wear - Now a cult classic at anime conventions across the South, interNEKO T-Shirts brought gorgeous original designs to a market place that was dying for something unique with true Japanese artistry. interNEKO thoroughly enjoyed making, producing and selling the shirts, and will always hold a great deal of gratitude toward their supporters and resellers. There are rumors that more designs are in the work...® - Designed to help anyone needing off-site work with their project of any size. Clients can easily post details of their job, and manage any bids or contacts they get from it. Also, any Professionals that can provide skills that other Clients might need can post and advertise, along with bidding on any posted projects. It is a perfect and easy way to get your projects done, along with helping Professionals find projects they can help out with!

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